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tube is dried and weighed, and the liquid drawn in through the
limb b, until it half fills the small bulb on the limb a. The
apparatus is cooled in ice and water, and the meniscus adjusted
to the mark on a by tilting the tube until the limb b has a hori-
zontal position. To the end of this limb a piece of filter paper
is applied, until the liquid sinks to the desired position in the

FiG 46.
limb a. The (J-tube is then brought to the vertical position,
loose glass caps placed over the ends of the two limbs, the
apparatus carefully dried, and allowed to stand and weighed.
The operation is then repeated with distilled water.
Example—An experiment with ethyl bromide gave the fol-
lowing result:—
Weight of tube empty .   .   .......6-242 grams
+ ethyl bromide at o°  .   . 9^472      „
+ water at o°......8*4*7      »
A J =0-999873 *%ZjL= 1-485-
Determination of"the Boiling-point.—A correct deter-
mination of the boiling-point of a liquid is made with a standard